Activator - A term used to describe the necessary fluid used in making slime.

Borax - An integral ingredient in making Slime activator which is necessary for binding the glue particles together to form Slime.

Butter Slime - A white or clear slime base that has added clay to achieve a buttery, spreadable texture

clear slime - A clear based Slime.

Clicky Slime - A white-based slime 

Cloud Slime - A white or clear based slime that has been infused with hydrated instant snow powder, which makes it have a very fluffy, drizzling effect.

Cloud Creme slime - A cloud slime that has little hydrated instant snow powder which gives it a wet, creamy texture.

Fimo slices - Pieces of polymer clay that have been sliced very thin and are designed to look like fruits, flowers, etc.

Fishbowl slime - A clear based Slime that has approximately 50-80% of "fishbowl" style beads inside to help give the Slime a crunchy texture.

floam slime - clear or white based slime that has the addition of many round styrofoam beads/balls. Typically to a ratio of 80%  beads to 20% Slime.

icee slime - A clear or white based slime that has fake snow.

instant snow powder - An ingredient found in Cloud and Jelly slime. Instant snow powder is made of cross-linked molecules of the sodium polyacrylate polymer.

jelly slime - A clear based slime that has a touch of hydrated instant snow powder to give the slime a "jelly" texture.

jelly cube slime - A clear based Slime that has cut up melamine erasers inside that gives the user the ability to squish the sponges inside the slime making it a jelly-like paste.

micro floam - Same effect as regular floam except with micro styrofoam beads/balls.

slushee slime - A Slime that has the addition of plastic bean bag pellets inside to help give the user a crunchy Slime experience.

sugar scrub slime - A clear Slime that has the addition of very small beads commonly called "diamond filler" which is a common vase filler found in many craft stores.

thicc slime - A term used in the Slime community to describe an overtly thick Slime.

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